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Humbled by Runner’s Amazing Story

I run with two fit and healthy 36 year old women every Tuesday and Saturday.  We’re a trio of runners trying to qualify for Boston at this year’s Long Beach Marathon in October.   My younger friends are a bit daunted by the time goal required to qualify for the big race: they need a 3:45 finish time–not at all impossible for them, but still a challenge.

I ran the San Francisco half marathon late last month as part of my training preparation for Long Beach and stumbled onto an inspirational story in the SF Chronicle that I could not resist sharing with my training friends.  Alyshia Davies’s story is so amazing, in fact, that I cannot resist sharing it with everyone, even non-runners.  I’m just in awe of this woman’s determination and drive.  

If you’re curious about this super woman from the bay area, check out the Chronicle’s story here: S.F. Marathon: 24,000 unique tales in 26 miles – SFGate.  And if you’re like me, you’ll want to know way more about the transformed woman than what was published in that small clip, so check out her blog at http://getalegupforlife.blogspot.com/ — she’s got a before and after photo on her Blogger profile page.  And may I just say, “Wow.”  Oh bonus points: Alyshia Davies is a compelling writer to boot.

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  1. Alyshia Davies
    August 12, 2010 at 5:34 am

    Wow. What a great big huge compliment. Thank you so much! Proudly passing this on to everyone I know.

    Bless you
    Alyshia Davies

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